a detailed methodology for construction of ontologies and its application in the blood domain


Ontologies are instruments of knowledge organization that have been developed through several methodologies. These methodologies are well established, but their steps often are not well explained. Thus, only knowledge engineers are able to perform all steps required in the development of ontologies. Here, we describe a methodology that details each step of the ontology development cycle. The goal of this methodology - called OntoForInfoScience - is to overcome issues of technical jargon and logical-philosophical principles faced by experts in Knowledge Organization from the field of Information Science. These are the usual issues when one deals with and constructs ontologies. In order to identify those issues, our methodology was produced by information scientists during the development of ontology in the blood domain. This ontology, called Hemonto, is domain ontology about blood components under development within the scope of a scientific project. In this paper, we present a brief description of OntoForInfoScience, as well as the practical results of the development of the blood ontology. We conclude that the new methodology is useful for information scientists when creating formal ontological representations. In addition to the methodology per se, our research also provides partial results of the HEMONTO development.


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Mendonça, F., e M. Almeida. OntoForInfoScience. Brazilian Journal of Information Science: Research Trends, Vol. 10, nº 1, Mar. 2016, doi:10.36311/1981-1640.2016.v10n1.02.p12.
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